Grading Policies


Mrs. Keena's 4th & 5th Grading Policy



  • 30%      Bible Verse Memorization

  • 40%      Bible Study Journal

  • 30%      Participation in: Bible Praise, Chapel Specials, Christmas Program, End-of-Year Program.  


  • 70% Tests

  • 30% Classwork and Homework


  • 70% Tests

  • 30%  Classwork and Homework


  • 50%     Tests and Projects          

  • 30%     Quizzes 

  • 20%     Classwork / Homework


****Make-Up Work****

Students will have two days to make-up any assignments, tests, etc.. from the day they were absent.  It is their responsibility to ask the teacher for their missed work.



Everyday an assignment is late, students will lose 5 points off their final grade of that assignment.



Class extra credit will be given during the 4 marking periods. It will be an assignment given by the teacher for all students to have the chance to complete. No extra credit will be given to individual students.