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Classroom behavioral expectations for students, including digital citizenship:

1) Be Respectful: Students will be expected to respect themselves, other students, the teacher, and the school property.

*This includes Digital citizenship now that we are in the days of Chrome books at school. Students are expected to only have one student using a Chrome book at a time, have no food or drinks on the table, and only use the login that the teacher assigns. 

2) Be Responsible: Students are expected to be responsible for themselves and their belongings. I expect the class to come prepared and ready to learn in the morning. 

3) Be Kind: Every single person has a different story. I expect the classroom to behave in a kind manner toward every single person.

4) Be Honest: Honesty always Wins! If a student has made a mistake or is going to be late turning something in, be honest with me and we can work on it together. I expect the behaviors of my students to be upright and honest.  

5) Follow Directions: I expect the classroom to follow my directions, any other teacher, or office administrator. If this is done, we should have an excellent and fun school year!





Content that students will be learning:

MathOperations and Algebraic Thinking (OA), Number and Operations in Base Ten (NBT), Number and Operations—Fractions (NF), Measurement and Data (MD), Geometry (G)

English: Literature, Informational text, Writing standards: Foundational skills, text types and purposes, Research to build and present knowledge, Range of writing, Foundational skills, and Language standards

Social Studies: Fourth Grade History Strands emphasize the history of Arizona and the Southwest from its earliest civilizations to modern times. Early civilizations in Central and South America and their encounters with Europeans, as well as events in the Middle Ages which spurred exploration of the New World, are also studied to provide the historical foundation for the exploration and settlement of the Southwest.


All of this and more can be found at this link for the Arizona standards below:

Arizona Academic Standards


Additional practices and policies that parents/guardians and students would want to know regarding late work, tardiness, extra credit options, grade checks, concerns with academics, expectations for homework each night, office hours, extra help time, etc:

We will use Class Dojo to keep track of rewards points, share pictures, some basic communication, and give the students a voice in their learning. To learn more click this link: Class Dojo

Late work& tardiness: We are all busy and things happen- I understand. I will accept late work at 5% points off each day it is tardy up to a maximum of 10 days after it is due. Tardiness will be kept track of in Class Dojo and communicated to parents regularly if there is a problem. I do allow for students to come into class without being considered tardy up to 3 minutes after the bell. 

Extra Credit options: these will be given out throughout the year on tests, assignments, and sometimes general classroom activities in order to earn extra points. I will work with students to make sure they understand content to earn the extra credit.

Grade checks: Can be done through Class Dojo, email me for a phone call, parent teacher conferences, or any other time you would like- just give me a heads up and I will get the info over to you if you need it. Class Dojo should keep you up to date on what you are looking for but anything more in depth -I can give you.

Concerns with academics: Please email me to set up a meeting. I would be happy to work my schedule around yours to have this meaningful discussion.

Expectations for homework each night: I will try to only give homework every other day at the most. I like to work with students on their projects in class and give them 2 full days to connect.

Office hours: I will be available by email anytime but please allow me until the end of the day to get back to you. My office hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm in which I will have classes and lunch monitoring. If you call me, please allow me until the end of the day to get back to you. If something is urgent, please contact the front office or the Room number in the Contact Me tab above to reach out.

Extra help time: I will dedicate at least 1 day a week to stay until 4:30 pm and help. Classes get out at 2:30 pm so this 2 hours should be sufficient. If they are not, I will adjust the time accordingly. please reach out if you have concerns. 


How Students will be graded: 1-4 Scale

Retrieved from

Rules and consequences :

Rule 1: Raise your hand if you would like to speak or get out of your seat

Rule 2: Use your inside voice

 Rule 3: Be respectful and considerate of everyone

These three rules can all follow the consequence ladder that will be detailed below:

Consequence Ladder:

            1.Give a Verbal Warning.

           2. Move clip on behavior ladder to “Make better Choices” (Kraft, n.d.).

            3. Student will move clip on behavior ladder to Teacher’s Choice (lose 10 minutes of recess, lose Class Dojo points, private conversation in other room to                       discuss behavior- this will happen even if the clip moves up the ladder during the day)

            4. Seating change.

            5. Move Clip on behavior ladder to Parent Contact (If clip stays on parent Contact part of the ladder until the end of the day, teacher will call/email parents                    to inform of the situation) 

            6. Think Time in another classroom (fills out think time worksheet as well as discusses with other teacher why they are behaving in a certain manner).

            7. Detention/ Office Referral (teachers’ choice).       


Please reach out to me anytime to discuss any concerns.

Reward system:

Class Dojo Rewards ladder:

            10 points: Hat pass

            15 points: Candy/healthy snack

            15 points: Choose a pass (multiple options available)

            20 points: Email/Call home to tell parents

            25 points: No homework for 1 day

            30 points: Be teacher for a lesson

            35 points: Pick your seat for the month (not the teacher’s chair)

            40 points: Sit in the teacher’s chair for the day

            45 points: No homework for a week!

            50 points: Class pizza/ice cream party on a Friday

Please sign up for Class Dojo. A paper copy of directions will be sent home on the first day of class or email me and I can send you a link.


How and when you plan to communicate with parents/guardians regularly:

I plan to communicate with parents/guardians in a few ways including Class Dojo(mentioned above), calls and emails home at preset intervals, and classroom newsletters home.

Class Dojo is a way that parents, teachers, and students can all be on the same page about daily interaction and an easy way for parents to see any notations about daily activities that their children have. Pictures can even be uploaded here, and students will be able to earn points toward prizes.



How and when parents/guardians can get ahold of me:

Classes are from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm. Please email me and I will respond to you by the end of the day with a phone call or an email.

Email address: kfaivre@picturerocksteaching- Best method

Front office telephone number: 520-825-9125-Second best method

Direct Classroom telephone number: 520-825-9262 - please only use this in case of an emergency

*I give my cell phone number out to all of my parents in a phone call made within the first 2 weeks of class and an email. If you need it again please email me and I will be happy to give it again.


Always Learning and Having Fun!
Mrs. Faivre