Student Expectations


Student Expectations

 On the first day of school I tell my students that this school year they will be working harder than they have ever worked before and being better citizens than they ever tried before, but likewise, they will be learning more information and skills than they thought their brain could handle and participating in more fun activities than any other grade before. Here's how we accomplish that...


Mr. Farouqs' Classroom Rules

 - Always be your best and do your best.
- Be cooperative.
- Be on time, be on task, be prepared.
- Demonstrate respect for yourself, other students and property.
- Behave appropriately at all times. 
- Always pay attention.
- Keep your hands & feet to yourself at all times.
- Use your indoor voice during worktimes.
- Raise your hand to say something or leave your area.
- Treat everyone with respect and kindness.


Learning Environment

  Each and every day that our students come to school they are expected to be ready, willing and able to work up to the fullest extent of their ability. In keeping with this, students must have followed the morning routine activities (listed below) to ensure that they are ready to begin the day. Among these are sharpening pencils, using the restroom, and eating a good breakfast.
         Once class has begun I expect all of the students' full attention on the subject matter and participation in the activity or lesson at all times. In addition, all students are expected to listen attentively and make eye contact with whomever is speaking, be it the teacher or another student. If students have a question on the material or they do not understand something, the students are encouraged to ask questions. Here's the rule: If it is a teacher-led lesson, ask me (that's why they pay me the big bucks!
Smile or if it is a small group activity, discuss with your classmates and learn cooperatively from one another. If additional help in needed, students may work with me one-on-one on certain days during recess or specials. Either way, no question should be left unanswered. Remember, our goal is to Learn, Learn, Learn, and then just for fun, Learn some more.
         All morning work, classwork and homework I assign to students is for a certain purpose. Otherwise it would simply be a waste of time. I explain the reason for each assignment to students and expect that it be completed in its entirety. However, Parents, if after attempting it, your child continues having particular difficulty with a homework assignment, please simply write me a note in the agenda, and we will go over it the following day. Do not let a lesson reenforcement become an unnecessary hardship at home. In addition, all work turned in to me must be in neat handwriting.


Additional Expectations

         Throughout the duration of the day, students will have numerous transitions. For example, the students will transition from their seat to the other seat, from center to center, or even from one room to another. I expect all transitions within the school building to be completed quickly, quietly and orderly.
         We believe that manners are an important aspect of society. In keeping with this, students will be expected to use good manners at all times. If a student asks or something, he or she must use "Please". Likewise, if a student receives something, he or she must respond with "Thank You". As a rule, I withhold any items given (treats, pencils, etc.) if this aforementioned gratitude is not spoken. When students enter our classroom, I make an effort to greet each one with "Good Morning, (name). How are you?". I expect that students respond appropriately. In addition, when adults enter the room  our students should greet them similarly.

         Lastly, at the beginning of this school year I share to my students  an abbreviated quote from Albert Einstein, who said: "The world is a dangerous place; not because of the people who do bad things, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." . Following our discussion of the story and quote, and how it connects to our classroom and is different from tattling, all of our students are expected to adhere to the following policy: If a student sees or knows of someone being picked on or not treated fairly, it becomes his or her responsibility to do something about it. The student may confront the issue directly (with words) or may find an adult to assist. Either way, bullying issues shall not be tolerated, encouraged or ignored.


Morning Routine

Remember our morning begins quietly

1. Unpack your book bag of all needed materials
2. Copy homework assignments in your agenda
3. Check-in last night's homework with Me.
4. Sharpen two pencils for the day
5. Make sure you have a book at your desk


Now that I've shared a little more about my classroom expectations, please help me by continuing to reinforce them at home to ensure that your child has the best school year yet! Many Thanks!

Mr. Farouq