Mrs. Fassold's 2nd Grade Class!

Mrs. Fassold's 2nd Grade Class!

October has begun!

Reading: This week we have started our reading unit on plants. The students will be learning about the parts of the plant, how seeds become plants, the steps to growing a melon, and much more! They have begun to ask so many questions about plants. It is great to see the desire to learn science growing each week! Please take a few mintues at home to walk around and talk about the types of plants you have inside or outside of your home. I know one family has an aloe plant that was currently used to heal a scrape on a dad's arm. Very interesting stuff!

Math: This week we are completing our chapter on money. In the last two weeks, many students have gone from not knowing anything about money to being able to count a handleful of change. They have also been introduced to showing many ways to get to the same total of money through change and/or bills. I have heard so many students this week who want to share their learning with the class. Thank you for your help at home with this topic. It helps so much!!!


Science and/or Social Studies: This week we are focusing on seeds/plants/trees in Science. We will be breaking out the magnifying glasses and planting lima beans. They can not wait!!!

Please Remember:

***This week started the can food drive! It is a class competition. I have told the students that for each can they bring in, they will get $10 auction money! Please send in those cans!

***Thursday night is skate night! 6-8 pm

***October 14th is the Fall Festival from 5:30-7:30. There will be tons of fun games and activities going on. You DON'T want to miss it!