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This website contains many of the favorite places have found searching the World Wide Web since 1995. It is recommended to you as a good place to start or to deepen your searching of the Web for the information your seek or just to enjoy all the free resources that are there for you if you have an internet connection and a browser to use as tools of discovery.

The Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) are not the same thing, though they are related. The Internet encompasses the Web, but it also encompasses other online protocols in addition to the Web. In basic terms, the difference is that the former is a massive system of connected international networks, while the latter is one type of service available within that network.  -https://www.wisegeek.com/are-the-internet-and-the-world-wide-web-the-same-thing.htm

For an easier visit please remember: Press Ctrl then left click on any of the page links and they will open in a new browser tab. If you don't use the ctrl key the link will open on top of this website, then you must press the back arrow on your browser to return to page you were on.

Use these pages as you would a Library. I have done the joyful work of finding many of these doorways (weblinks) to knowledge you may want, or to the answers to the questions you may have. Like a book library there is a wealth of information on this website.

And like any other book library new resources are added periodically as I continue my indepth studies of Computer Frustrations. Something is here for everyone.


"Take What You Like, USE IT, And Leave The Rest"

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