My Classroom Website


Hello. If you are reading this, then I must have your son/daughter in my Earth Science class. I have created this website for the convenience of parents as well as students to be able to access information about my class. Please utilize the website to stay updated on any projects, homework, quizzes, or tests that may be coming up for your child. As the teacher, I am responsible forgiving your child the information that they will need to be successful in my class, however, it is your responsibility to be sure that your son/daughter remains on task with assignments that are to be completed at home. I believe that as a team, we can help your child to go through his/her Earth Science class with ease.


Hello. Please become familiar with the website, and utilize it to help you to be successful with my class. I will post homeworks, upcoming test information, upcoming quizz information, as well as some helpful information for you to utilize for studying and preparing yourself for the State Regents exam.