Classroom Rules and Discipline Plan

Classroom Rules:

1. We listen to our teacher.

2. We work hard.

3. We are kind to everyone.      

4. We tell the truth.

5. We respect school property.


Discipline Plan:

If a student chooses to break a rules:

1st Time: Teacher gives a verbal warning.

2nd Time: Teacher gives another verbal warning and student moves to BLUE.

3rd Time: Student moves to YELLOW and loses a privilege.

4th Time: Student moves to RED and parents are notified; possible Office Referral.


**Severe Infraction: Automatic red, immediate Office Referral and parents are contacted.


Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with positive notes home, praise, free choice time, and prizes from the Treasure Box.  You will be notified daily of your child’s behavior by looking at their Monthly Behavior Sheet. I ask that you initial each day by your child's behavior color!


Please DO NOT remove your child's Behavior Calendar from their Folder.