Your child will have Homework on each night of the school week. There will be a math worksheet with a column of math to complete for each school day and a spelling assignment for each school day. Students will also bring home a short story with questions to answer. 

Weekly Spelling assignments are as follows and will remain the same for the entire year:

  • Monday: Write each spelling words three times each.
  • Tuesday: Write spelling words in ABC order.
  • Wednesday: Use half of their spelling words to write sentences with.
  • Thursday: Use the other half of their spelling words to write sentences with.


Your child will come home with a new word list weekly and it will be stapled to their math sheet for the week. Please remember to have your child do ALL of their spelling home in their spelling composition notebook! 

Homework is NOT turned in on a daily basis in my classroom. I only check homework on Fridays.  Students will be given all of their weekly homework on Monday in their Take Home Folder and have till Thursday to get their homework done so it can be turned in on Friday. Homework is given a score which is reflected on your child’s progress reports and report cards.

I encourage you to help your child complete their homework but I must ask that no one at home do it for them. If there is something on the homework that is confusing, please send me a note in your child’s Daily Folder – don’t let your child leave anything blank.

In addition to their math and spelling homework, your child needs to read for a minimum of 10 minutes nightly and record it on their Reading Log in their Take Home Folder.


If you have any questions regarding homework, please let me know!