Blue Group


Please do not share the answer keys with your child. It is a great source for you the parent to make sure they are practicing the correct material but if they are told the answers they will not hear the feature and teach their brain the correct spelling. 




Sort 20: sc, sn, and sw blends

sc (scooter): school, scout, scarecrow, scarf, score, scale

sn (snail): snake, snap, snowman, snow

sw (swing): swan, switch, sweater, sweep, swim

Sort 21: p, l, pl blend

P and pig: pail, pin, pie, pan

L and lamp: lock, log, leaf, letter

Pl and plus: plug, plum, plant, pliers, plate, plane, plus



Sort 22: pl, sl, and bl blends

sl (slide): sled, sleeve, slipper, sleep, slide

bl (block): blindfold, block, blade, blouse, blanket

pl (plus): plug, plum, pliers, plate, plane

Additional Words: plan, plot, plop, blot, slap, slip, slot, slog, slug


Sort 23: cr, cl, fl, and fr blends

cr (crab): crown, crayon, crib, cry, crack, crackers

cl (cloud): clip, clown, clock, clap, climb

fr (frog): fry, fruit, frame, freckle, freezer

fl (flag): flower, float, fly, flashlight

Additional Words: crop, clan, clap, clot, frill, frog, fret, flap, flag, flip, flop





Sort 24: b;, br, gr, and gl blends

br (broom): bride, bridge, bricks, bread, brush

bl (block): blanket, blade, blouse, block, blow, blindfold

gr (grapes): grass, groceries, grill, grapes, grasshopper

gl (glasses): globe, glass, glue, glove

Additional Words: brat, bran, Brad, brag, grip, glad, blot


Sort 25: pr, tr, and dr Blends

pr (present): price, pray, prize, pretzel

dr (drum): drill, dress, drip, dream, dragon, drive

tr (tree): trap, tracks, tractor, triangle, truck

Additional Words: trip, trot, drag, drop, drug



Sort 26: k, wh, qu, and tw

wh (wheel): whip, whistle, whale, whisker, whisper, wheat, wheelbarrow

qu (quilt): quack,quarter, queen, question, quiet

tw (twins): twelve, twist, twenty, tweezers

k (key): king, kite, kick, kitten

Additional Words: when, quit, twig

Sort 27: at, ot, and it word families

Cat: bat, hat, fat, mat, pat, rat, sat, that

Hot: not, cot, dot, got, lot, pot, rot

Sit: fit, bit, hit, kit, lit, pit

Sort 28: an, un, and in Word Families

an (can): fan, man, tan, ran, van, pan, plan, than

in (pin): fin, win, chin, thin, grin, skin

un (sun): run, fun, bun

Additional Words: an, ban, Dan, clan, scan, bin, tin, shin, spin, gun, pun, spun

Sort 29 ad, ed, ab, and ob Word Families

ad (sad): mad, had, bad, pad, glad

ed (bed): red, fed, led, shed, sled

ad (crab): tab, lab, grab, cab

ob (cob): rob, mob, sob, job, blob, glob

Additional Words: dad, rad, lad, dab, jab, nab, blab, scab, stab, slab, wed, bled, fled, shred, gob, snob, knob


Sort 30: ag, eg, ig, og, and ug Word Families

ag (tag): rag, wag, flag, snag


og (dog): fog, jog, frog


ig (pig): dig, big, wig, fig, twig


ug (bug): hug, rug, plug, drug, slug


eg (leg): beg, peg


Additional  Words: bag, sag, nag, hag, lag, brag, drag, shag, gig, jig, rig, Meg,  Greg, bog, hog, log, clog, dug, lug, mug, pug, tug, chug, smug, snug,  shrug


Sort 31: ILL, ELL, and ALL Word Families


ill (pill): hill, bill, fill, mill, will, chill, still, spill, drill


ell (bell): tell, fell, sell, well, shell, smell


all (ball): mall, fall, hall, tall, call, small


Additional Words: Bill, dill, Jill, kill, grill, thrill, skill, quill,

cell, dell, jell, spell, swell, dwell, wall, stall


Sort 32: ICK, ACK, OCK, AND UCK Word Families


ack (sack): tack, pack, back, rack, snack, black, quack


ick (chick): lick, sick, tick, pick, kick, quick


ock (sock): lock, rock, clock, block


uck (duck): luck, tuck, truck, stuck



Sort 33: ISH, ASH, and USH Word Families


ish (fish): dish, wish, swish


ash (trash): cash, mash, dash, rash, flash, crash, smash


ush (brush): rush, hush, mush, crush, blush, flush


Sort 34: Short A and Shot O pictures


A and cat: flag, sack, clap, cap, bag, jack, grass, can


O and sock: lock, top, pot, fox, mop, box, rock


Sort 35: Short I and u pictures


I and pig: zip, hill, fin, fish, lid, lip, wig, bib


U and cup: bus, sun, trunk, cut, gum, bug, plus


Sort 36: Short E, I O and U pictures


E and bed: desk, net, vest, leg, sled


I and pig: six, clip, kick, ship, stick


O and sock: dot, hop, lock, shop, clock


U and cup: duck, bug, truck, rug, brush


Sort 37: Beginning short vowel pictures


Apple: astronaut, ax, alligator, add, ant


Egg: Eskimo, Etch-a-sketch, Ed


Igloo: itch, in, ill, ick


Octopus: otter, ostrich, ox, olive


Umbrella: up, underwater, Upside down

Sort 38: Short a and o in Easy CVC Words

Short a (cat): sad, has, cab, ran, jam, ham, had, wag, map


Short o (sock): box, mom, job, got, fox, hop, lot, mop, top, hot


Oddball: was, boy


Additional Words: dad, lad, van, fan, bag, sag, nag, lag, ram,, yam, dam, lap, yap, jot, pot, mob, cob, cop, pop



Sort 39: Short i and u in Easy CVC Words


Short i (pig): six, zip, rip, bit, big, will, him, win, pin, did


Short u (cup): but, run, cut, nut, rub, jug, tub, fun, gum, hum


Oddball: put


Additional Words: kit, lit, pit, fig, rig, bin, tin, bill, fill, pill, mill, hill, lid, rid, bud, hut, rut, hub, bum, pup


Sort 40: Sort e, i, o, and u in Easy CVC Words


bed: yes, let, get, tell, wet


pig: six, hid, mix, his, miss


sock: not, pop, hot


cup: bus, mud, cub, bug, sun


oddball: saw, her

Additional Words: bet, met, net, pet, set, vet, bed, fed, well, fell, sell, yell, bell, beg, leg, hen, men, den



Sort 41: Short a, i, and e with Initial Digraphs

Short vowel sort:


a: that, chat, than, shall, shack, chap, wham


i: ship, whip, chill, this, which, chip, chin, chick, thin, thick


e: when, check, shed, shell, then, them

oddball: what


Digraph sort:

ch: chip, chat, chap, check, chill, chin, chick

th: thin, that, then, them, thick, this, than

sh: ship, shack, shed, shell

wh: whip, wham, when, which, what


Sort 42: Short a and i with Initial Digraphs

Short vowels:

a: glad, brag, flag, slap, brat, flat, plan, clap, trap, drag, cram, grab, crab, slam

i: drip, flip, slid, clip, drill, grip, slip, grill, skip, spin


Sort by blends:

r-blend: crab, cram, brag, brat, grill, drip, trap, drill, drag, grab, grip

l-blend: clip, clap, flag, flip, flat, glad, plan, slam, slap, slip, slid

Oddball: skip, spin


Additional Words: clan, snap, stab, slab, swam, gram, skit, spit, skill, spill, trip


Sort 43: Short e, o, and u with Initial Blends:

e: sled, fret, dress, bled

o: trot, plot, drop, flop, cross, frog, slob, gloss, slot

u: drug, drum, plum, fluff, truck


Oddball: from


r-blends: cross, dress, drop, drum, fret, drug, from*, frog, trot, truck, gruff

l-blends: bled, club, flop, fluff, glum, gloss, plot, plug, plum, sled, slug, slob, slot


Additional Words: blob, clod, glob, plop, crop, prop, spot, stop, sped, stem, step, spell, plus, scum, smug,  snug, spun, stub


Sort 44: Short Vowels with Final Blends

Sort by short vowels:


a: mask, ask, fast, raft, last, half

e: desk, best, nest, left, melt, help

i: list, fist, gift, milk, lift

o: lost, soft, cost

u: just, must, tusk, dusk


Sort by final blend:

sk: mask, ask, desk, tusk

st: fast, last, best, list, fist, lost, cost, just, must, dust, nest

ft: raft, left, lift, gift, soft

lt: melt

lp: help

lk: milk

Oddball: half (only the /f/ sound is heard, not a true blend)


Additional Words: disk, husk, risk, task, bust, cast, past, mast, mist, self, pest, rest, test, vest, west, blast, chest, twist, trust, sift, shift, swift, craft, drift, felt, tilt, wilt, shelf


Sort 45: Short Vowels with Final Digraphs


Short Vowels:

a: cash, class, grass, bath, pass, math, path

e: fresh, guess

i: rich, kiss, wish, miss, with

o: moth, toss, cloth, boss

u: much, such, rush, brush

oddball: wash, push


Sort by final digraph:

sh: cash, fresh, wish, wash, rush, push, brush

ch: rich, much, such

th: bath, math, path, moth, cloth, with

ss: class, grass, pass, guess, kiss, miss, toss, boss


Additional Words: dash, dish, hush, mash, mesh, rash, sash, blush, clash, crash, crush, flash, slush, smash, swish, trash, mass, bass, pass, brass, glass, mess, bless, hiss, loss


Sort 46: Short Vowels Before ng and mp

ng: rang, king, long, sing, rung, sang, ring, bring, wing, swing, song, thing, gang

mp: jump, camp, bump, lamp, limp, stamp, stump, lump, plump, pump, ramp


a: rang, sang, gang, camp, lamp, stamp, ramp

i: king, sing, ring, bring, wing, swing, thing, limp, 

o: long, song, 

u: rung, lump, plump, pump


Additional Words: bang, fang, hang, clang, slang, sling, cling, hung, sung, lung, bong, gong, tramp, damp, dump, champ, hump, rump, slump, thump




Sort 47: Short Vowels before nt, nd, and nk

a: ant, plant, hand, land, stand, and, bank, thank, blank

e: went, spent, send, blend

i: print, wind, pink, wink, think, stink, drink

u: hunt, junk, trunk

Oddball: want


nt: went, hunt, ant, want, print, plant, spent

nd: hand, send, land, wind, stand, blend, and

nk: junk, pink, wink, think, bank, stink, drink, thank, blank, trunk

Additional Words: pant, chant, sand, band, grand, sank, spank, yank, drank, bunk, bent, dent, rent, tent, end, bend, mend, lend, spend, lint, link, sink, blink, runt, stunt, chunk


Sort 48: Short o and or 


fork: for, corn, fort, born, sort, torn, short, sport, storm, horn

sock: fox, drop, rot, shop, rock, pond, spot, trot

oddball: word, work, your


Additional Words: cord, cork, form, thorn, pork, sword, snort, porch, north, horse, story, worm, worth, world



Sort 49: Short a and ar

star: car, farm, part, far, bark, art, card, yard, shark, dark, park, jar, arm

cat: brag, drag, crab, snap, crash, trap

oddball: war, are


Additional Words: bar, cart, barn, dart, hard, harm, tart, yarn, charm, chart, scarf, scar, sharp, smart, march, large, charge, park, mark, spark, start


Sort 50: Contractions


I: I'm I am, I'll I will


is: it's it is, that's that is, he's he is


not: can't can not, didn't did not, don't do not, wasn't was not, isn't is not