NAME: Ms. Flanagan

SCHOOL: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

CLASS: 8th Grade American History -- 8th Grade Math -- 8th Grade Homeroom (The Cave)-- 7th Grade Social Studies -- 7th Grade Math -- 6th Grade Social Studies

SCHOOL PHONE: 406-452-0551


About The Teacher

I believe in allowing students to make decisions. I also 
insist that they accept responsibility for the decisions that they make.  
The goal is for my students to become self-disciplined, active decision 
makers. I want their decisions to be based on what is right and beneficial 
for themselves as individuals and for their community.  My expectations are 
high and my work requirements are rigorous. I expect students to do the best 
that they can every time.

Mission For The Class

Eighth graders are the commissioned leaders of Our Lady of Lourdes School. 
We lead by example.  This position carries with it great responsibility and 
great opportunities for growth and fun.  We strive to treat everyone with 
respect and courtesy, to accept responsibility for our decisions and the 
consequences that result from them, and to be "Christ" for and to those 
around us.

Sixth and seventh graders understand that one day they will be eighth 
graders and so they must begin now to develop the leadership skills they 
will need.