What's the dress code for Mass?

Strictly speaking, the dress code for Mass is NO Shorts, NO sweats, NO writing on T-shirts and NO jeans with holes or rips. But remember that your clothes MUST NEVER be a distraction and MUST ALWAYS be modest. 8th graders are the leaders of the school and you should lead by example. I think people should be able to tell that you are going to church just by how you are dressed. On the days that the 8th Grade is responsible for the Mass, I will ask you to dress "spiffy"; which means no shorts, no sweats, no blue jeans, no shirts with writing on them, no plastic or foam flip-flops. If you have questions about Mass dress code be sure to ask before
Mass day.



Are speghetti strap or strapless dresses allowed at graduation?

No, not even with a shawl or covering - unless the shawl or covering is permanently attached to the dress.



Is it true that 8th graders have some classroom management responsibilities?

Yes, this is true. The 8th grade is learning the group decision making process up close and personal. I expect the 8th grade to make all sorts of decisions - where to go on class trips, how to encourage classmates to make good choices, what to do when things don't go well, what to do when things go really well. This means they will be deciding not only on how to make their decisions but also on how to carry those decisions out. It will be fun.