Here are some links that might help you during the year.  If you discover 
one that has been broken, please tell me.


This is an excellent site for Middle Schoolers.  It has search 
engines and schoolwork assistance.


This is the school website


New York Times Learning Center.  Many and varied projects using 
current events. Changes frequently.


General History site.


English grammar practice site


Interactive math games site.  Covers all areas.


Purple Math - a site for all things math


Site offers a variety of games and levels


Algebra site - has table of contents for lessons.  Allows 
practice and check. Site covers all levels.


Math site for 8th grade


Publisher's website for "Ecce Romani"


Exercises for "Ecce Romani"


Wheelock Latin site - grammar practice


Latin site (St Louis University)


Social Studies textbook site.


The Encyclopedia of Ancient History


Excellent site for first person accounts of events in history.


Nice Map of the New Kingdom of Egypt


Maps of the Ancient World.  Good source for 6th grade Social 


This is a map of the New Kingdom of Egypt


Site all about the Etruscans


Montana History site - State of Montana


Montana State Historical Society - Need I say More


Part of the regional learning project of the University of 
Montana, this site has an interactive feature


This is the National Geographic GeoBee site.  Questions change 
everyday.  Only for serious geographers.


BBC World News Site.  This site concentrates on the European 
Union and those countries seeking to join.


Internet Link to the European Union. Information and interactive 
games and quizzes.


Interactive Map games.  This is the USA site but you can link to 
the world too


Really basic map game site


This is a Geography quiz site.  Many different areas, many 
different quizzes, none outstandingly hard.


Amazing site on all things governmental


Journey to a New Land is a site that has information about the 
peopling of the Americas.  This link will take you to the Middle 
School Level but you can access other levels from here


This site has videos and links to other sites about pre-columbian 


American History site for Watertown School District.  Nice place 
to review major ideas and facts of each era.


Educational resources like MECC Oregon Trail


Building the transcontinental railraod


Coding site


Open source "twine" for making your own "Choose your won Adventures"


PowerPoint presentation tutorial from Microsoft


World History Games.  Starts with the Middle Ages


American Museum of Natural History Learning Site


World History Study games and practice quizzes


The Mysteries of CatalHoyuk.  Interactive site on what might have been one 
of the first cities.


National Museum of Scotland Learning Site


Write like a Babylonian.  Info on cuneiform


The British Museum Learning site on Ancient Egypt


More ancient history games