Today I am proud to anounce the most amasing superhero that we have had the honor of getting an interveiw with. 

He is most well known by the name Penguin Protector, but in fact his self proclamed name is Mad-greedy-micro-dell-'MERICAA-red-megga-super-crazy-avenger. Better known as just MGMDMRMSCA

He spends his days watching over, and protecting penguins. "Why do you do it?" I asked, and he replied with, "I have always loved penguins, but i knew that i had to do something when i saw the way that they had to live, from that day foward i have dedicated my life to helping out penguins in need." This inspired me to work extra hard to find out how, if in any way we could help him. He told me that all he needed to keep it up was 4 million dollars, so out of the network fund I gave this to him. This will be the last story that I will write because I was Promptly fired right after I cleaned out the network. . .

Although I will truly miss writing these stories for you, i felt as though i had to do my part to help him out.


For the last and final time,

Kendall Wiesner, (ex-)Editor of superhero Times