10 Tips How to Winterize a Car


No one ever knows what weather patterns are brought with different seasons, but we do know that as winter comes around the corner every year, this is probably one of your least favorite seasons. For vehicle owners, winter just brings more trouble and problems which may be encountered due to the harsh weather or even just the cold. We can tell you that no one is ever ready to be fully prepared for what winter throws at them and their cars, but you can be prepared for what you know will keep you safe during this season.


  1. Make sure to check your car battery, it is the central thing in your vehicle which makes sure that every car part is working smoothly.


  1. Get tires that are safe for the roads, you can do this by easily rolling a penny on the middle of your tire. You want to make sure that the person’s head on the penny is always covered when you do this.


  1. Make sure to give your car the fluids and oil changes which it needs when winter comes, you want to especially make sure you have enough antifreeze and coolant to keep you warm.


  1. Make sure to update your oil, as much as you may think your car is fine without an oil change for a few more months... you are actually wrong. With improper care for oil changes, your car could stop working when you are on the roads.


  1. Make sure to warm up your car, before actually entering your vehicle you want to give it a few minutes to become heated and warm.


  1. Make sure to prevent freezing your own fuel line, this is something that happens when water vapor enters these pipes and freezes them. This can be avoided by adding a fuel additive to the system, something which stops your fuel line from freezing and saves you money from having to repair it.


  1. Make sure to have your wipers working during the winter, if you are driving in a light snowfall or even a large snowstorm you want to make sure your wipers are doing their job and helping you see the roads clearly.


  1. Pack your own snow kit for the roads, this is a great way to store away any snack bars, blankets, portable heaters, or even snow brushes if you were to be stranded on the roads.


  1. Make sure you are contacting trusted car companies for your own vehicle care and inspections, the people who are handling your car should be able to give you insight on costs for any potential repairs or fixtures.


  1. Make sure to have a constant light on the roads when you are driving during winter, this means turning on your taillights and headlights.


By using these tips to prepare your own vehicle for the winter which is to come, you are ensuring not only your own safety but other people's safety on the roads. These are great tips to use when making sure that your car is prepared for the weather changes, and you are prepared in case of any emergencies. If you are looking for auto repairs, brake pad replacements, car oil change, or car service in the GTA make sure to contact FM Auto.