Review of Videos!

Hey everyone! I just want to go over what the videos should entail. I know they wont all be the same, but we are trying to keep them all similiar. I know having a schedule will make your lives a little bit easier while in this time. 

So every morning they will have a video posted going over morning circle. Some will include going over the calendar, while some don't. It is great to have the kids looking at the calendar daily, because it is not only helping them learn their days, but also help with their math skills. Just having them count up to the date is great for them. Another thing they can do every morning is have them go over the pledge. After they do the pledge you can have them go over their commiments. This is something we went over everyday and they should know those commitments! It is a great way to teach them accountability while still having them follow their rules. You can even have them choose a commitment everyday and then you can even let them tell us all about it when we call them daily. It is a way to get them engaged and following these rules. 

After the morning message is posted we will have a toothbrush video posted as well as a handwashing video. Which is something very importnant right now that way we can keep all our little ones safe. 

Following those will be either a storytime with one of our amazing teachers at red river or a literature lesson. If they are watching those read alongs and the teachers ask questions , please encourage your kid to answer them! It is great when they have questions or answers because it shows how much they are paying attention. 

After that we will have some type of math lesson. With these it may be a little harder to get them engaged. If it isnt working having them sit and watch a video have them do an activity with something similar with objects you have at home. It will get them engaged and have their little brains learning so much. 

A video for music and movement will be also posted. If your child doesnt seem to be into the video they have, that is fine! I have posted all of our kids favorite videos that get them up and moving in the other resources tab. Feel free to head over there and let them choose their music and movement songs of the day! 

After Music and Movement it will either be another math lesson or it will be a science activity! These always seem to be the kids favorite videos. If you are wanting to find a science activty that you can do at home with your child, feel free to text Ms. Pruski and she can find an activity that you all can do from home that the kids will love and with things you have lying around the house. That way you aren't having to go to the store! 

Lastly, they will have a video posted at the end of the school day called the closing circle. This is to just review with the kids what has been going on for the day. We would love if the kids have any questions of comments about the videos if yall would record them and then just send us these questions or even if its just talking about their favorite part of the day. That way we can be sure to ask them about it when we call the next day.