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Fog Nozzles company

Zhuji Haihang Misting Equipment Co Ltd ( Founded in 2013 ) is a professional manufacturer of misting/Fog Nozzles chemical fiber spinnerets and machine accessories ( the minimum diameter is 0.03mm).

companies are professional in the misting system area and will provide customers professional products,design and good after-sale service.

Over years developing, Zhuji Haihang Misting Equipment Co., Ltd. has owned a Water Spray Nozzles products manufacturing line, from misting nozzle to misting pump\connecting fittings, etc. And already approved ISO 9001.

Benefiting by the complete product manufacturing line, Zhuji Haihang Misting Equipment Co., Ltd has gained advantages on price, delivery time and ODM research for customers, meanwhile the good quality and service also helps us win customers' recognition both in domestic and overseas markets.  

Get 2 Months for $5!