Supply List

Supplies- Algebra FOLTS

* Mechanical Pencils

* Grading Highliter
* Calculator ----Ti30XIIs---non graphing

* HI-liters

*3-ring Binder 1.5 inch (loose leaf for the year)

*3-hole punch for binder


Donation for the class-due 1st week of school

* package of loose -leaf paper
* Dry erase markers - donation to the class

* Kleenex-box



Daily supplies


  1. Textbook – Algebra I – Holt Mc Dougal Larson-Classroom copy if needed
  2. Pencils (mechanical preferred)
  3. One "1- 1/2” three-ring binder with paper



  1. Highliter for grading
  2. Graph paper as needed

Daily homework Assignment