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News and Notes for Mrs. Forbes' Class  2020-2021

        WEEK OF 09/21/20

***WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: I provide a hard copy of this website notice every week on blue paper.  Students are instructed to place it in their planner or homework notebook.  It provides the homework assignment details as well as the scheduled for evaluations/assessments for the week.

***RED FOLDERS:  Red folders will come home Friday, September 18th.  Please review and remove any graded assignments and/or notices from the school from the right side of the folder.  Sign the bright green sheet from the left side which reports weekly conduct grade and homework completion and return it in the red folder on Monday, September 21st!

**Picture Day: Thursday, September 24th. DRESS CODE ONLY!  No payment expected prior to photograph.

**District Unit Tests: These tests do not come home, but are added to your child's SKYWARD account.  Please be sure to check your child's grades regularly.  Contact the office if you do not have SKYWARD access for parents.

Week's Homework Assignments

Homework is completed in the homework notebook.  All Reading responses require complete sentences as do any Language responses where they are expected to correct or complete a sentence!  Show all math work in notebook!

**Monday: Language: Q1:4 #1-7 Complete for #1,2,3,4,5,7  Study Spelling *Reading: "Not the Same" #1,2,4  Math: Weekly Sheet 4  #1-7

**Tuesday:  Language: Q1:4 #1-7Complete for #2, 4,5,7 *Study Spelling Words  Reading:"Not the Same " #1-4 Math: Weekly Sheet 4 #1-

**Wednesday:  Language: Q1:4 #1-7 Complete for #1,2,4,5,6,7 *Study spelling   Reading: "Not the Same" #1-4  Math: Weekly Sheet 4 #1-7

**Thursday:  Language:Q1:4 #1-7 Complete for #1-7 *Study spelling  Reading:  "Not the Same" #2-4  Math: Weekly Sheet 4 #1-7

Week's Scheduled Assessments

Please note this assessment schedule is dependent on the completion of planned instruction and therefore may be changed or modified. 

**Tuesday:  Math (Fluency Addition/Subtraction)

**Wednesday:  Reading (The Power of W.O.W!)

**Thursday: Language (editing a paragraph); Florida Studies (Vocabulary Puzzle Issue #2)

**Friday: Science: Florida Studies (Weekly Issue #2); Language (Spelling Lesson 3b #1-10; capitalization rules); Science (Changes in state)

Important Links:

  • Classroom Newsletter:   http://www.Forbesk.educatorpages.com
  • Vocabulary/Spelling: www.kidsa-z.com Teacher Name: kforbes24  Student User: First Name (space) Last Name Initial     Password:  forbes  This site allows students to practice the spelling and vocabulary words assigned!!
  •   Florida History/Social Studies:  www.studiesweekly.com  Log in is your 56 number and lunch number.  This site is district provided and used in CANVAS.
  • My school e-mail is kathryn.forbes@stlucieschools.org
  • District website:  www.stlucie.k12.fl.us