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News and Notes for Mrs. Forbes' Class  2020-2021

        WEEK OF 05/24/21

***WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: This is the final newsletter for the 2020-2021 school year!

***RED FOLDERS:  Red folders came home Monday, May 24th.   Please review and remove any graded assignments and/or notices from the school from the right side of the folder.  Sign the bright green sheet from the left side  which reports weekly conduct grade and homework completion and return  in the red folder on Tuesday, May 25th!

**HONORS ceremony will be held outside on Friday, May 28th at 9:00am in the parent drop off area. You received a lime green sheet in the red folder if your child will be recognized at this awards ceremony for the 4th nine weeks. Please be sure to send in the signed pre-check out sheet attached to the green paper if you plan to take your child home after the ceremony.  (If I already have yours, thank you, and I let you know that I do!)  Students will have backpacks up front ready to go if we know they are leaving to speed up the process.  NOTE:  Any students not receiving a certificate will remain in the classroom to help with maintaining social distancing rules.

**Reading Counts Awards:  ONLY those receiving a medal will be recognized during the ceremony.  Students with 25 or 50 points will be recognized in the classroom.

**May 31st:  Holiday for ALL  June 1st and 2nd are full school days.  June 3rd and 4th are Early Dismissal days at 1:00pm.

**June 2nd (Wednesday) is a free dress code day for all students in our classroom.  Everyone showed growth in one or both of their iReady Diagnostics since the Winter testing! smiley

**END OF YEAR PARTY:  June 3rd.  I will be providing everything needed for this snack/movie/games day. We WILL go to the cafeteria for our regular 11:00am lunch time!



Important Links:

  • Classroom Newsletter:   http://www.Forbesk.educatorpages.com
  • Vocabulary/Spelling: www.kidsa-z.com Teacher Name: kforbes24  Student User: First Name (space) Last Name Initial  
  •      Password:  forbes  This site allows students to practice the spelling and vocabulary words assigned!!
  •   Florida History/Social Studies:  www.studiesweekly.com  Log in is your 56 number and lunch number.  This site is district provided and used in CANVAS.
  • My school e-mail is kathryn.forbes@stlucieschools.org
  • District website:  www.stlucie.k12.fl.us