Mrs. Frazier's (Mrs. Z's) Second Grade Class Web Page

Hello fabulous seccond-grade families! I'm glad you found my classroom Web site. Please visit this site each week to view accouncements, calendar events, spelling lists, Bible verses, etc. During our first week of school, we will be concentrating on "learning the ropes," so we will not be having a spelling test or Bible verse test this Friday. Also, the first newsletter will go home and will be posted to my Web site next Monday, August 13th. Below is a copy of the wecome packet I sent home at open house. It contains important information about how I run my classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to our first week back to school! I have been praying for you and your precious children! I treasure this awesome and humbling responsibility of teaching your children this school year. I know that together, we can make this year a tremendous success!


Welcome Packet


Welcome to my second grade class! I am so excited about all that I know the Lord is going to do this year in the lives of your children! It is my goal to help them grow educationally, socially and spiritually in ways that reach above and beyond your hopes for them. I am looking forward to getting to know my students, nurturing their strengths, and building up the skills and tasks that challenge them. All the while, I will encourage them and show them the love of Christ daily.

I am so thankful that the Lord gave me this incredible ministry of teaching. I was raised in a very loving, supportive Christian family that taught me to love the Lord. I became a Christian at the age of ten, and since then I have watched God work in my life in many ways. I received bachelor's degrees in Education and Journalism and later a Master's Degree in Education, all via my studies with the University of Tennessee, Western Governor's University, and the College of William & Mary. I have been married to my husband Dave for 10 years, and we have two daughters, Caroline (9) and Claire (5). We are active members of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church and truly love our church family.

Each day, I will be praying for your children and your family! I am looking forward to getting to know each of you! I know that together we can make this a fun, successful and unforgettable school year!

In Him,

Sherry Frazier


Rising Star Behavior

It is so important that each day, each student gets the best chance possible to learn and to grow. It is the teacher’s job to provide a positive learning environment. Classroom management is an important tool in fostering a positive, loving environment.

Each day, your student will begin on the “Ready to Learn” level on our classroom behavior chart. As the kids demonstrate positive behavior and make good choices, they will advance to the “Excellent Effort,” “Way to Go!” and “Super Student” levels on the behavior chart.

As students make poor choices, they will first move to the “Make Better Choices” level on the behavior chart, which will serve as a warning. If the behavior continues, they will move to the “Teacher’s Choice,” level, which will result in an appropriate consequence such as silent break or silent lunch. If behavior continues further, students will move to the “Parent Contact” level. Instances of extreme behavior may result in a trip to the office.

It is our goal to help students make wise choices each day to ensure an encouraging, supportive school year!




(Bringing All Learning Lessons Organized Over-Night)

Each night your child will bring home his or her B.A.L.L.O.O.N. Binder. All homework, classwork, notes home, reading log and other take-home papers and correspondence will go home in this binder. Graded/checked take-home papers will go home each Friday. Please keep the papers at home and sign the sheet provided in the take-home sleeve. All notes/correspondence should be placed in the front pocket of the B.A.L.L.O.O.N. Binder, marked “Notes.” This could include any money or permission slips, etc. Please make sure you check your student’s binder each day and return it to school with your child.


Lunch and Snacks

Please make sure that all lunch and snack items are labeled clearly with your child’s name. Please pack snacks (also clearly labeled) separately from lunch items. Each morning, your child will place snack items in our snack bin so that they will be easy to retrieve at snack time.


Your Second Grade Team Teachers

Mrs. Amy Frasier and I will be working hand-in-hand to provide your student with the best school year possible. If they wish, students may call me “Mrs. Z” to distinguish between the two teachers. Mrs. Amy Frasier will be teaching Social Studies to all second graders, while I will be teaching Science to all second graders. We will be collaborating daily in planning subject matter as well as fun and exciting activities. We will be planning many exciting science experiments on many Fridays. Your student will be learning a different Bible verse each week, and will be responsible for memorizing it by Friday. Also, a spelling test will be given each Friday. We will practice the Bible verse and spelling words each week together.


Weekly Newsletter

You will find a copy of the weekly Rising Star Newsletter in your child’s B.A.L.L.O.O.N. Binder each Monday. It will also be posted on my web site at  It will include announcements, calendar events, reminders, spelling words, homework, weekly Bible verse and other important timely classroom information.


Reading Log

Part of the second grade experience is developing a love for reading. You will find a Reading Log in your child’s B.A.L.L.O.O.N. Binder. Each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we ask that you sign off on your child’s 15-minute independent reading time (please feel free to share this time with your student by listening to him or her read aloud if you’d like).



Aside from reading at home and completing the reading log, students will receive homework to enhance and practice what they are learning in class. They will not be given homework on Wednesdays or Fridays. Please let me know if homework is taking your child more than about 20 to 30 minutes a night.