Freda Williams

     Welcome to my website. The purpose of this website is to bridge the gap between the school and our community stakeholders. Presently, I am the principal at Bryant Intermediate School; located in the southern most part of Cobb County.  My school consist of grades three through five; with various departments that meet the needs of our SPED and ESOL population.  Bryant Intermediate is unique in that it is part of an innovative concept, "School within a School".  This school shares the same facility and serve the same commununity as Bryant Primary, but has its own administrative team.  The community is predominately African-American and Hispanic with a slowly declining Caucasian enrollment.  Family structures range from single-parent to two parent homes and students living in foster care or in the custody of other family members.  Bryant has made Adequate Yearly Progress for five consecutive years; even with a high transiency rate and low parental involvement.  Even with its many challenges, Bryant Intermediate continues to work feverishly in the "New Normal" to enhance student achievement and professional growth.

Mrs. Freda Williams, Principal
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