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Calendar of Events

Cobb County District Calendars 


Master Calendar For Faculty


August  31st                         Key Teams


September  7th                  SFSD/Faculty

September  8th                  SAC & Smart Board Basics (optional)

September  14th                Data Teams

September  28th                Key Teams


October  5th                        SFSD/Faculty

October  12th                      Data Teams

October  13th                      SAC

October  26th                      Key Teams


November 2nd                   Professional Learning Day

November  9th                   SFSD/Faculty     

November 10th                  SAC

November  16th                 Data Teams

November  30th                 Key Team


December                           No Meetings


January 4th                          SFSD/Faculty

January 7th                          Leadership Retreat

January 11th                        Data Teams

January 18th                        Key Teams


February 1st                        SFSD/Faculty

February 8th                        Data Teams

February 9th                        SAC

February 15th                     Key Teams


March 1                                SFSD/Faculty

March 8th                              Data Teams

March 9th                             SAC

March 15th                           Key Team


April                                       No Meetings


May 2nd                                Leadership Retreat

May 10th                               Data Teams

May 17th                                Key Teams

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