KUANYU STAINLESS STEEL Offer Premium Range of Stainless Steel Edge

KUANYU STAINLESS STEEL provides increased distance without compromising performance. The lower, deeper center of gravity makes the sweet spot more existing. It is in line with where amateurs most commonly hit the ball on the clubface, generating longer, consistent distance and improved accuracy. We are absolutely fantastic on many levels.

We can help drive scoring, and if you struggle with either one, this set should be on your shortlist. Chinese Stainless Steel Edge is designed to make the sweet spot more accessible at lower impact locations. It generates longer, more consistent distance and enhances the accuracy for more greens in regulation. It is designed to mitigate heavy and thin shots and improve the impact location on the face for greater distance.


Stainless Steel Decorative Trim is designed to mitigate the effects of heavy and thin shots and enhance the impact location on the face for greater distance. It is widely applied in modern large hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, office buildings, private villas, hotel lobbies, home decorations, etc. Large stock, ready to ship.

We keep developing high-quality products and new & practical models to meet market demand; striving to provide customers with satisfactory pre-sale, mid-sale, and after-sale services is our company's eternal theme for the development of enterprises. We are providing free technical advisory services to customers.

Stainless Steel Trim dealer offers customers product samples, business profiles, credit certificates, and other information. Our company inspects each process's inspection in the manufacturing process and provides the inspection standards and results of products to relevant technicians of users. Our company is equipped with a high-tech after-sales service team. When receiving customer service information or feedback, we will make satisfactory solutions to customers in the shortest possible time.

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