How To Cut Your Tile Corner?

You may need to cut your Bullnose Tile Trim to fit around a corner of the tile for certain project areas.How To Cut Your Tile Corner?

When trimming around a window, for instance. In this case, you’ll need to create a frame of tile trim that wraps around the window lip. Cutting your pieces at a 45-degree angle ensures they will fit together well and leave a clean finish.

Choose the angle you wish to cut the trim at Stainless Steel Decorative Trim. Place it in a miter block. Our recommendation is to use a junior hacksaw or something similar to cut. Confirm the angle at which you want your trim cut by using the assisted gaps.

To ensure a clean Tile Corner Trim, mark where the cut needs to be made and saw through the trim, holding the trim steady and pressing it firmly against the edge of the block.

Once you have made two cuts at opposing angles, you will need to align both trim pieces against the tile.

Finished Bending Trim

It may be better to bend the trim around the tile instead of cutting separate pieces if you are tiling a small area such as a bathroom sink splashback or if you want to avoid sharp edges when lining up your two points, which can happen when cutting and lining metal trim.

The first step in installing your tile is to cut it to size. Measure the trim on one exposed side of the tile and mark the corner where it meets. Trim snips should then be used to cut the trim at two opposing angles of 45 degrees (as if cutting an upside-down V or an arrow).

To bend the trim around the corner of the tile, simply line it up again with the tile. You will need to continue marking and cutting the trim until the bending trim is complete. That’s all there is to it!

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