How to install a tile Trim?

An attractive tile trim enhances any tile design. This step cannot be skip. Tile trim protects tile installations for years by covering rough edges and reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. It is just as easy to install trim as it is to install the rest of the Stainless Steel U Channel.

 So,A trowel and adhesive are also need. As the second to last step in tile installation, But,install Tile Trim.How to install a tile Trim?

The Installation Of Tile Trim 

To install your Tile Beading, mix your adhesive and use a notch trowel to apply it directly to the area where your trim will be apply.

Make sure the trim is held in place with the adhesive.And by pushing it into the bed of the adhesive along the edge of your area. 

Then continue laying your tile onto the surface,So,applying the adhesive to the tile back before applying it to the trim to ensure a strong bond.

For wet areas like shower niches, ensure a 2mm gap between the trim and the tiled edge. This way, you’ll be able to grout properly.Ensuring that the space is more watertight.And there is no risk of water getting in between the trim and tiles.

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