Spanish Websites for Children

Spanish Websites for Children  
Student-friendly activities, games, music, and more!  smiley

The best 2 from that site are:
-Las Ranas:  count to 10
-Animales domesticos:  put the animals in the right place
-A site that shows pictures and verbalizes what the picture is in Spanish when clicked on (alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, school words, animals, fruits, vegetables, food, calendar, weather, times of day, all about you, house, position words, opposites, musical instruments)
There is a switch at the top of the page to change language from English to Spanish.  Tons of fun games with activities ranging from soccer, to cooking withabuela, to creating jamming global tunes, to making your own ecard in Spanish.  All with Maya and Miguel as your virtual hosts.  Recommended for preschool and elementary age kids.
The online portal of the Discovery Familia channel has games in categories like music, science, numbers, puzzles and more. All very well done and in Spanish.  Recommended for preschool and elementary age children.  This incredibly original educational website from Mexico has tons (and I mean TONS) of short, animated movies in Spanish with fun lessons in topics related to  art + music, science, technology, social sciences, math, health and more.  Recommended for elementary, middle and high school children.  Interactive read-aloud stories with animations to go along.  This is a brand, spanking new App from Little Pim featuring the furry fellow lovingly known as El Panda in my house. It’s a very simple screen touch game that will have your kid repeating basic words in Spanish. Recommended for preschoolers.
-Counting Game, other basic skills, Discovery kids - a good site, but it doesn't read the directions out loud, meaning a teacher has to read them to the student
-Listen to books, sing songs, play games all in Spanish and English
-Stories in Spanish with comprehension questions at the end  This site has a wide range of materials at different levels. There is lots of vocabulary and it is supported by images. There is also pronunciation help on many of the activities. Be sure to check out the mini-books for language in context. Also, many of the activities are printable.