About Me

Phys. Ed & Health!

My Name is Mr. Fretz and this year I will be teaching the Phys. Ed. and Health
classes at GAA! This is my 11th year teaching at the school and I am very excited to
be a part of these programs this year! In the past I have taught many different
grades and have been involved the SSAF (Small School Sports
Federation) coaching and other sports events at the school.

This year’s Phys. Ed program will incorporate new and exciting sports and
activities as well as traditional sports and leadership based initiative activities.
There will also be house activities weekly to accumulate points and win the weekly House Championship Trophy!
With a continued emphasis on sportsmanship and values, the Phys. Ed program
will be fun and engaging for all students.

Teaching in the classroom is something I am very familiar with and something that
has always been a passion of mine. I am looking forward to having the
opportunity to teach a class related to health and fitness and interact with
students outside of the gym environment.