Ms. M's Homeroom

Welcome to our Grade 5 Class!

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome all parents and students to Ms. McCann's Grade 5 class at Glenn Arbour Academy.  This website will be an interactive connection between school and home so that there is constant communication and information between my homeroom and your home.   

Please explore the weekly outline, useful links, homework and announcements throughout the year.  I find that it is extremely important to student success and growth when you have open opportunity to contact myself about homework, classwork or any other curriculum based questions.   

Thank you for your support and this will be a great year for all.  Grade Five is filled with tremendous experiences where students grow by taking on more accountability of their education, and in doing so, have more opportunities for increased responsibility. 

Before taking on this position at Glenn Arbour Academy,  I was the Director and Head Coach of DASH Sports for Kids. My passion for sport; as well as the endless energy supply that children contain, led me to the switch of Coach to Teacher.  I completed my Bachelors of Science in Childhood Studies at Saint Boneventure N.Y. where I earned myself a NCAA Division 1 scholarship. Balancing school, sports and social lives was a difficult task to take on but I am fully prepared to give your children the best possible tools to help them manage their time, prioritize, and ultimately feel accomplished.

Looking forward to a fantastic year!

- Ms. McCann