March 6 - March 27

Student Sucess on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 - 8:40 am!

Students are encouraged to review their Science and Social Studies workbooks whenever necessary.  All projects and worksheets will be done in class. Parents, please review Science and Social Studies worksheets with your child. All worksheets are graded for completion or points. 

Friday, March 6

*Sign & Return Red Folders*

Math - Extra credit package.  Each correct answer gives you an additional 0.5% 

Language Arts - *Begin writing Oratorical - Happiness*                                    Read Wonder pages 263-313

Complete Wonder Reading Journals

Wonder Comprehension Questions

Pages 250 - 280 (12 marks) 

1.What do the fifth graders of Beecher Prep do every spring? (2 marks)

2. Why is August a little nervous about the nature retreat? (1 mark)

3. Why didn’t Julian attend the nature-retreat? (1 mark)

4. What does August compare the night sky to? Page 258 (1 mark)

5. Why did Jack and August leave the movies? Where did they go? (2 marks)

6. Who did August and Jack encounter on their way back to the movie? What did this group say about August? What did they do to hurt him? (3 marks)

7.  Who helps Jack and August get away from the boys who bully them in the woods? (1 mark)

8. What do Dad and Via bring home with them? (1 mark)

Pages 281-310 (12 marks)

1. What did they name the puppy? (1 mark)

2. What has changed when August returns to school? (2 marks) 

3. What do they find in Eddie’s locker? (1 mark)

4. What other big news does Mr. Tushman share with Auggie? (1 mark)

5. What is Mr. Browne’s June precept? What do you think this means? (2 marks)

6. What does Auggie find out actually happened to his astronaut helmet? (1 mark)

7. What award does Auggie receive? What does this award honour? (2 marks)

8. What is significant about Auggie receiving a standing ovation? (think back to the school play!) (1 mark)

9. What has changed when all the parents start to take pictures of the students? (1 mark)



March 23 - March 27 Continuity Plan