Welcome to our grade 6 class!

Welcome to Grade 6 with Ms. James! I am thrilled to  continue this educational journey with you all and excited to meet new faces. This is my 2nd year teaching at Glenn Arbour Academy and I am looking forward to seeing you all grow both socially and academically! I have planned so many exciting things for you this year and I know you will LEARN a lot! I enjoy teaching all subjects, but Science and Language are my absolute favourites. 

 Together we will learn and aspire to become the best we can be! As your teacher, I promise to maximize performance, promote independence and make this year one to remember.

Remember, Ms. James strongly believes in the power of YET! So, never give up, you’re“smarter than you know”. I believe that every person can learn and be successful within a supportive, nurturing environment. Through self-discovery activities and differentiated instruction, you will be provided with a curriculum that will challenge, inspire and prepare you for the future.

One thing that is very important to me is TEAMWORK. Throughout the year, you will have many opportunities to work with your classmates in different settings. Because of this, it is extremely important to work as a team. This means that you should treat your classmates with compassion and respect.  

Together we will learn, think, explore, create, and be the best leaders we can be. I am looking forward to a great year!

Welcome to grade 6 with Ms. James!

                            “Tell me and I will forget,
                          Teach me and I will remember, 
                           Involve me and I will learn”
                                                    ---- Benjamin Franklin