Weekly Outline

Grade 8: Miss Percy

December 10-14



(Miss Percy)



Students will choose two of the three Winter Holiday traditions to write a short compare and contrast paper. We will also work on procedural writing for holiday recipes.



Students will work on homographs to improve their writing.



Students will be working on reading comprehension based on stories, articles and more, reading independently, in small groups, or as a class. We will also be working on their final Checkpoint for their Independent Novel Study (INS), including the ongoing vocabulary sheet.



Our spelling program will resume in January.



(Mr. Kudera)


Lessons 50 to 53

  • Cumulative test is scheduled for December 18.


(Miss Percy)

Students will wrap up Chapter 6 Canada’s Developing Identity and move into Chapter 7 discussing Immigration.



(Mrs. Becke)


This week, we will be concluding our study of density and buoyancy, and will begin looking into how fluids can be used in order to create and uphold systems that we use in our everyday lives. Our unit test for this chapter will occur after winter break, with a review to be posted by Wednesday December 19th and the test date to be announced by Wednesday December 19th for a date in early January.


Physical Education

(Coach Fretz)



Students will be taking part in modified volleyball skills this week.  Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).


Visual Art

(Mrs. Adamson)


This week students will finish their cubism inspired Art projects! They will be using different colours and shapes to create their own unique piece. If time permits, students will also do some holiday inspired art!


French (Mme. Israil)


This week students will be introduced to “Christmas vocabulary and celebrations in France“


Music (Mr. Kudera)


Students will focus on the music for the Christmas play



(Mr. Fretz)

Students continue their unit on Personal Safety and Injury Prevention. They continue creating an awareness advertisement about safe play/activities and work in groups to create skits on common injury prevention at school.




(Ms. Khilnani)


We will continue to work on our Shakespeare play

Computers (Mr. Kudera)

The students will continue to do a comprehensive review of spreadsheets.  There will be a test on December 12 that will cover the following:

  • graphing

  • sorting

  • sum and average functions

  • conditional cell formatting

  • absolute cell referencing

  • table calculations using formulas

  • if(condition, true, false)