Students are encouraged to be exposed to reading on a daily basis. When reading with your child, encourage them to sound out words and ask them probing questions about the reading material. Every Monday,students will be given homework that will be a practice of what they are learning in the classroom. These words/letters/numbers should be practiced throughout the week. Homework is due on Monday as I will be sending new homework home every week. Please ensure that homework folders are returned to the homework bin which can be found in the classroom.

I understand that the students have a lot of extra-curricular activities they participate in, but please try to instill the importance of taking time for doing homework and reading as part of their regular routine. 

Books that will be sent home are leveled and should be read more than once so that students get a chance to hear the words and connect them to the pictures. The goal is that the students try and read/sound out/ recognize letters in each book by the end of the week