Weekly Outline

Junior Kindergarten

March 23rd-27th


Language Arts

This week in language arts we will review all letters learned to date with letter and letter sound recognition as well as upper and lower case letters.There will be a focus on “OA” words. We will also continue our new morning circle routine. Utilizing our interactive smartboard technology, we will review the days of the week, determine the weather and participate in a variety of activities.Finally, we will continue building our sight words and use beginning sounds to match pictures to words. 

Poetry and Rhymes

This week we will continue to create rhyming pairs. We will also review songs and rhymes associated with the Jolly Phonics programs. 



This week we will continue working to match and print the uppercase and lowercase pairs for each letter learned to date. Printing practice will be done using our “Handwriting Without Tears”, “Jolly Phonics” books as well as the smartboard. Finally, we will continue working to print our names as well as several sight words independently. 


This week we will work on number recognition of numbers 10-20 with a focus on number 17 and 18. We will continue exploring various areas of geometry through a variety of math centres. 



Students will review healthy healthy habits and discuss medicine safety.

Physical Education

Students will be taking part in ball games and ball throwing activities. They will also be taking part in active games each period.


This week the Junior Kindergarten class will begin our unit on “Matter”. 


Students will focus on “Hiver” vocabulary word acquisition through interactive games, songs and poems. 


This week in art, the JK students will be introduced to the creation of different lines (jagged, curved, zig-zag, spiral). .


Students Will be moving forward with their caterpillar discovery. This week students will be looking at retelling the entire story! 


Students will create songs using a variety of pitched and unpitched instruments

Media Arts

Students will read a book about respecting others.