Parent Resources

Here is a brief list of web sites that help support the skills we are working on using the VB-MAPP.

Use these sites to find lots of free printables to help your child reach their potential using the VB-MAPP.

Description: large assortment of printables for various topics in autism

Description: resource for printable PECS cards

Description: printable visual schedules and schedule boards

Description: printable picture cards of common nouns

Description: printable picture cards of common verbs

Description: printable tracing pages to aid in learning writing


Upcoming Events

March 2                                       Field Trip to Livestock Show for SPED 

March 10- 18                              Spring Break

March  24                                   Walk for Autism @ District Event Center

April     3-24                                STAAR-Alt testing

April      5-6                                  Verbal Behavior Conference - Central Texas Autism Center

May      17                                      Autism Parent Expo - Region lll