GFD2 prof. Ed 9 Group Activity Understanding The Fashion Cycle

GFD2 Prof. Ed 9

Group Activity:

Understanding The Fashion Cycle

Understanding the Fashion Cycle, like the word connotes means understanding how a recurring set of fashion trend, with timely intervals, in particular seasons, get into the market, thrives in the market, and exists in the market from point of entry to point of extinction, and then again re-entry. Consumers are “King” in this cycle, as they determine what thrives or becomes a stale look.


Truth about understanding the fashion cycle

Truth about understanding the fashion cycle

When a consumer buys and puts on a specific style, the acceptance of this style by the public leads to it becoming a fashion trend, thus marking the beginning of a fashion cycle. The fashion cycle can be likened to the biological graphs showing the life cycle of an organism into a new biosphere. Thus the fashion cycle comes in different stages:


The Fashion Cycle

The Fashion Cycle

The Introduction stage; Fashion leaders purchase pieces of clothing/accessories showcased during fashion weeks. These purchased items which are of high monetary value, are produced in a limited quantity, which when accepted by the society, becomes high in demand, and so begins the fashion cycle.


The Rise; Other designers get creative, in trying to replicate these styles, by using less expensive materials, and thereby produce in bulk, which converts to an increase in sales.


The Peak stage; The fashion trend is now widely accepted, with variations in prices. At this point designers begin to re-invent the styles in a bid to make it classic, with details like accessories, choice of fabric, colour etc.


The Decline stage; The design is everywhere and becomes somewhat common, people are no longer buoyed by this, and refuse to pay high fees. Thus the decline begins.


The Obsolescence; Prices of these once hot commodities go low, and despite this consumers lose interest, seeking new trends, thus the end of the fashion cycle.

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