2010 GKMS Trip to Washington, DC!!!


  • This year's trip is open to all 7th and 8th graders from GKMS.
  • The trip is scheduled to take place during the second week of June, 2010 and will last for three days and two nights.
  • We will fly out of O'Hare and into a DC area airport.
  • The cost of the trip will depend upon how many people sign up. Obviously, the more that sign up, the cheaper the trip. Right now we are looking at a cost of somewhere between $700 and $1100.
  • The trip is also open to any parents/grandparents/guardians who would like to join us.
  • Siblings can also be part of this trip as long as they are accompanied by their parent/guardian OR are over the age of 25.
  • Additional chaperones will be staff members from GKMS.


Please feel free to email me any additional questions and I will post responses onto this page.



  1. Name of tour company and their website. I have asked three different companies to give me prices and schedules and I am waiting on information from the third company. Once I have selected the tour company withwhom I feel the most comfortable, I will post their website.
  2. Specific costs and payment schedules.
  3. Set dates for the trip.