Cool Apps & Websites!


Below is a list of recommended websites for students that are fun and very educational! Some of these have the App version for electronic devices. - Try a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages in over 45 languages. Join millions of students and teachers in over 180 countries starting with an Hour of Code. hosts a plethora of engaging, Computer Science activities.


Prodigy Game - Have fun challenging your friends while practicing Common Core math standards! Students can log in via their school google account information. - Also available as an app.


Moby Max - MobyMax is tailored to your child's individual needs, and I think you will be very impressed by how fast your child will excel using MobyMax.  The website features placement tests that accurately identify where your child excels, and where his or her "missing skills" are.  It then provides targeted instruction to "fill in" those missing skills.  Finally, it gives your child systematic review sessions that ensure that your child retains 100% of what he or she has learned. Username is 6-digit student number (no "s") and Password is stars. - Also available as an app.


Freckle - Adaptive practice - great for building skills on each student's individual level. Username is first & last name. The Class Code is: d6xpq7


Arcademic Skill Builders - The name is a mash-up of "Arcade" & "Academic." Engaging practice in Math, Geography, Language Arts, Typing, and more.


ABCya - Pronounced "AB-see-yuh," this fun site has many enjoyable (& valuable) activities and exercises for students 


Typing Club - Quality, enjoyable typing practice


Typing Test - Test Words Per Minute (adults may enjoy this too!) and leads to various typing games. If "AdBlock" prevents games, click on the AdBlock extension icon and select Disabled on this site so that it will be enabled. After a short advertisement, game time will commence.


Quiver - This one is a focus on Art, as it is mainly a coloring app. But... not just any coloring app - it is based on 3-D Augmented Reality! Once the app is installed on your electronic device, just print the free coloring page, color, and hold camera (or tablet) over the sheet and watch the magic happen! It really is amazing.


Mystery Doug - Doug is a scientist who answers questions from students. Students can watch his educational videos (approximately 6 minutes each) and even send in a question in hopes that it will one day be answered by "Mystery Doug."