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Mr. Kimbel's  3rd Grade Class

 Thank you for visiting our class website!  I will be updating regularly, so please check back often.  ~Mr. Kimbel




  • For Distance Learning, I will be assigning all tasks through Google Classroom. Click here for our class's Weekly Schedule
  • Due to the temporary school closures in our district, all field trips are postponed, if not cancelled. Decisions will be made in time, as circumstances allow.
  • Recommended tasks for students will be shared over the next couple of weeks via Google Classroom. After March 30th, assignments will be more formal (work that will be assessed / graded) - even if given remotely via Google Classroom and other platforms.





    • Thur, 2/27/20 -- ROCKVILLE PARK ...what a great field trip it was! 1 down, 2 to go!
    • Tue, 3/17/20 -- AG DAY (Vallejo Fair Grounds)
    • Fri, 3/27/20 -- EXPLORATORIUM (SF)


  • Fingerprint Info:
    • $45 cash or credit card only
    • Anyone interested in volunteering to work in the classrooms, or attend field trips, need to be fingerprinted.
    • If you've already been fingerprinted in our District, you do not need to be fingerprinted again.



  • Accessing Report Cards / Progress Reports: If you have not yet set up your account in the Parent Portal (for accessing Progress Reports and Report Cards) please visit the Family Resources page for instructions. You will need the provided account code sheet to get started. Copies are available in the office.


  • Visit the MATH and ELA pages within our website to gain access to a fine collection of resources that will enable your child to practice the many standards they are learning in school and receive extra help as needed.


  • Please visit our Rm. 606 Donations List to find a list of donations our classrooms needs throughout the year.  Thank you for your generosity!        Please note: Students are not required to donate items. Whether or not a family decides to donate will have no effect on academic standing or participation.


  • Birthday celebrations and food in the classroom: please visit the NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES page for helpful information in regards to our district's policies. All of the proper forms are provided for your use.