Behavior Plan & Rewards

In order to create an environment where students feel safe to explore, learn, ask questions, and grow, I have created a plan to help deal with any behaviors that may contradict this goal and will encourage the type of behavior that will create a safe environment!!! 



Behavior Plan. . .  

A behavior contract is implemented to correct a specific behavior that a student might be displaying. A behavior contract is an agreement between the teacher, student, and the student's parents that sets limits for student behavior. The student usually has an input on what reward he or she wants to receive. The student is more likely to follow the contract if he or she helps create it versus the contracted just given to him or her. The student must understand every section of the contract in order for it to work. Behavioral plans variety among each student and depending on the behavior the student is showing in class. The student, student’s parents and I must ALL work together to get the student to correct his or her behavior. Consistency is KEY here and being patient will be something WE will all need to work on. I will schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the behavioral plan once time has gone by.


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Marble Parties. . . 


There will be opportunities for our classroom to have marble parties throughout the school year. This is based on overall classroom behavior. If I receive positive report from other teachers/ lunch supervisors, and anyone else in the school then I will put extra marbles in the jar. When the students reach the top of the jar, then they will have earned a marble party! A marble party will take place during their lunch; students will have gained a pizza party. The different ways to earn marbles is by:


Being on task. .  1 Marbles

Lining up quietly. .  1 Marble

Everyone is here on time. . 2 Marbles

Good report (from other teachers). . 3 Marbles

Quiet walking in the halls . . 3 Marbles

Everyone having their reading books. .  3 Marbles

Being friendly to everyone. .  4 Marbles


*NOTE TO PARENTS*  If your child has an issue with behaving (i.e., he or she rarely qualifies for prizes), then you and I will work out a different system for him or her.  This would most likely require a behavior contract, and you and I would need to set up a conference as soon as the problem behavior is identified.  Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions regarding your child's behavior or my system. 


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IF the plan doesn't work, CHANGE the plan but never the GOAL!!!!