Classroom Setup

Our Class in a Glance!!


Boys: 14      Girls: 10

Teacher Aids: 2



The layout of my classroom is arranged in a way where it is easy to move around. Depending on students’ needs he or she can sit near the front if it will help. Throughout the class, I have provided some tactile and auditory learning materials that can be used by everyone. Visual aids are something our class is not short on. The school has equipped our class with a few items that will enhance all students learning: smart boards and a braille machine. Something that most students are not used to is an audio amplification device (we have a student who uses it).



“Fairness isn't about treating everyone the same; it's giving everyone what they need.”


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I understand that as a parent and as a guardian, you want to be updated on all grades and be involved in your student’s education. Therefore, I will input all grades into an online database that will be accessible to parents/guardians. The website is provided to us by our district. This website is You will be given information from administration on your username and password for this website. Once you enter this onto home access, you will be able to see your child’s grades on any assignment or test.


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