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 Parents Here Is How To Help Your Child


I provided some useful websites that you and your child can look over. These websites have a ton of USEFUL materials that your child can practice. I tried to provide many websites that would ACCOMMODATE all the children in our class. Almost all of the websites have high contrast letterings so it is easier on the eyes of your child. I also found websites that have close captioning so if your child needs to read videos he or she can still participate in all the FUN. The links I have shared with everyone are websites your children have seen multiple times so trust that they will want to PLAY (practice) their work.



Language Arts 




Social Studies






Communication is KEY!!!

Having an open door policy with your child’s teacher is very important. The teacher’s job is to help him, or her succeed, in school and their social lives. So keeping that communication will only help your child become a better them. Keep the teacher informed of anything and ALL tips that will help him or her better.

Keep Expectations High!!!

Never lower expectations of your child. Setting the bar high will help your child reach their potential. It is better for him or her to try verse not trying at all. Make sure that your child knows that it is acceptable for him or her to fail but as long as they try their hardest in whatever he or she does that is the only thing that matters.

Attend School Events!!!

In order for your child to become fully accustomed to his or her school, it would be helpful to attend as many events at the school. Have your child become a part of the community will only make him or her feel better about growing more sociable with his or her peers. Encourage him or her to join clubs or after-school activities. As their teacher, I will be holding cooking classes for anyone who wants to learn a little bit about the kitchen.

Advocating Will Only Help!!!

As a parent, teach your child to advocate for itself. Explain to him or her their accommodations and modifications they should receive during school. Also, teach your child not to feel embarrassed to ask for additional help during class.

Practice Practice!!!

Taking time to help your child practice the material taught at school on a daily basis. By investing your time into his or her education, you will be opening a world of opportunity for your child in regards to his or her future.  Practice makes perfect is a motto that should be taught.

Encouragement Makes A Difference!!!

Please, parents, encourage your child to step outside the box. Have him, or her try a new sport or have him, or her try joining different groups when it comes to partner work. This is the only way the rest of class can get to know their peers.



Teacher's Resources

As a veteran teacher, I thought it would be nice to provide FIRST-YEAR teachers some resources that were passed down from my teachers in my field experiences. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to pass down some of those webpages and make it a TRADITION. The webpages I linked below are some I use on a DAILY  basis. The tips I provided are just some things I learned in my MANY years.






Classroom Management


Simple No 


Don't Reinventing The Wheel




  • Seek out organization strategies from seasoned veterans. It does not hurt to ask for help. (Remember we encourage our students to do so that means you can do it as well).


  • Treat everything as learning opportunities. (Take criticism from your colleagues as a positive note does not take everything to the heart).


  • Do not be afraid to say “NO”. (Remember you are a human being too and you deserve to enjoy your life occasionally).


  • Only commit to what you can give 100% attention and effort.


  • Have the confidence in yourself being a first year teacher is not easy however you earn your degree.


  • It is okay to mess up don’t be so hard on yourself.



"One must ALWAYS be careful of books & what is INSIDE them, for words have the POWER to change US"- Cassandra Clare