Rules & Consequences

In order to create the best learning environment for EVERYONE I have a few class rules that you and I will both be held to...  


Students Expectations. . . 

  1. Treat your peers and teachers with respect at all times.
  2. Be considerate & respectful of others and their belongs.
  3. Keep your hands & feet to yourself and remember everyone has their own bubble. 
  4. Follow directions.
  5. Use inside voice.   

Teacher Expectations. . .

  1. Create a fair and safe classroom atmosphere in which students will feel free to share their ideas and ask questions.  
  2. Maintain an environment conductive to learning (limited distractions).
  3. Discover and work towards improving individual students strengths.
  4. Be available to students before and after school for extra help.
  5. Work towards making learning not only interesting but also meaningful beyond the classroom.


Consequences not Punishments. . .

Each student is responsible for their behavior therefore if he or she breaks any classroom expectations there will be consequences.

Strike 1: Verbal Warning

Strike 2: Written note home documenting broken rule, requesting parent(s)/guardian signature.

Strike 3: Dean’s referral and student must make up missed class assignments during lunchtime.

** Under NO circumstance will violence /threats of ANY kind will be tolerated in my class. Students who fail to comply will be removed from class immediately and sent to dean’s office.**