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In our classroom, you can expect a wide variety of activities and supports to make this school year as impactful as possible! Everyone will have high expectations of each other, and we will work hard everyday to ensure that all students are valued and celebrated. We will emphasize Positive Behavior Interventions to promote an affirmative learning environment where all students experience success. 

Rules and Policies


By being RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, AND REFLECTIVE, you will ensure that you are always following the rules! 

Respectful: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be mindful of other peoples’ space, property, and time.

Responsible: Hold yourself accountable for your actions, words, and learning. This will create a safe learning environment for all!

Reflective: Take time to reflect on your responsibilities in order to ensure that you are promoting success and positivity (for yourself and others)!



Our class will follow the GMS discipline policy, with a strong emphasis on POSITIVE BEHAVIOR INTERVENTIONS. This will allow us to identify and model successful behavior in order to promote positive redirection! 


Warning > Demerit > Noon Detention > Note or Call Home > After-School Detention > Office Referral


Even though this is the natural order of consequences, specific circumstances may warrant Mrs. Bowling to skip certain consequences.



Assignments will be recorded in ProgressBook, so please make sure to check frequently!



Homework will be assigned throughout the week and will be completed in Google Classroom most of the time. Homework will be used as a learning tool and only graded for completion. It is always due the day after unless otherwise stated. If your family does not have internet access at home I will be more than happy to provide a printed out version!



In-class assignments will be graded for completion unless otherwise stated.


Test/ Quizzes:

Comprehensive tests will be given at the end of each unit and will be aligned to the quizzes given at the end of each topic. These will always be scored. 


REQUEST TO RETEST: If a student would like to try and get a higher score on a test or quiz, they will have to fill out a short reflection that will be turned into Mrs. Bowling. This reflection tool will inform Mrs. Bowling about why a retest is requested, as well as steps that are being taken to ensure a higher score! These requests will be limited to 1 per quarter.


Make-Up Work:

Students will have the same amount of days that they were out of school to complete missing assignments. 


Contact Information


Parent Square:

Parent/ Teacher communication will happen mainly through Parent Square! It is very important that parents have access to this application in order to receive important updates. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance, or if you need an alternative accommodation.




Phone: 937-675-9391 ext160