Red Ribbon Week

Every October the students are able to join in the fun by celebrating the right to say no to drugs.  Here is a picture of the door they created this year.  We decided to incorporate the 6+1 Traits of Writing by creating an acronym for each letter which begins the certain trait such as I for Ideas, O for Organization, V for Voice, W for Word Choice, S for Sentence Fluency, C for Conventions, and the plus one is the P for Presentation.  The first six elements are incorporated in the student's writing which then gets presented.  The students were given red ribbons to wear every day of that particular week.  On Friday the doors were judged and the class who won received a pizza party.  We had great fun!

                                                                                             red ribbon door       The Six Plus One Traits to a Healthy Person are: Idolize those who do right; ignore those who do wrong, Overcome bad habits, Vote to be drug free, Wise Choice Making Skills, Provide advice for a wonderful life!