6=1 Traits Books

New to our curriculum this year are a set of six books which we may check out and use in the classroom to help enhance the knowledge of the 6+1 Traits of Learning to our students.  The book titles are:   Click Clack Moo,  Courage, City by Numbers, The Wolf Who Cried Boy, Bullfrog Pops, and Hey You, C'mere: A Poetry Slam.

             I really enjoy using these books as a teaching tool, and so do the children because they are able to do many hands-on projects that relate with the books.  The first two books stressed the importance of ideas, and organization of writing in which we made a student book of different freedoms, only after we brainstormed ideas, wrote them on pieces of long paper, laid them on the floor, then organized them into complete thoughts.  Ideas and Organization are the first two 6+1 Traits of Writing.


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