Weekly Homework

Homework will go home on Fridays in the STAR book section labeled "Resource Homework" and will be due the following Friday.  Please make sure that all homework is turned in complete, neat, and on time.

*****Note: You will have homework only for the subjects that you come to resource for.


Reading Log: Please read at least 60 minutes per week and log it on the form.  Then write a short summary of one of the stories you read on the lines provided.


Reading Passage: Please read the passage and answer the questions that follow.  Remember to use the Hand Plan to justify your answers.


Spelling Contract: Please choose at least 3 activities to practice your weekly spelling words.  You should either turn in the work that you did (if it's an activity done on paper) or have your parent sign (if it's not an activity done on paper).


Daily Language Review: Please do one section per day (they are labeled) and have an adult check your answers and review with you any you missed.  The answer key is attached for your parent only!  Please do not peek at it.


Writing Passage: Please read the passage and answer the questions to correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes.  Remember to fix the mistakes in the passage.


Math Flashcards Signature Page: Please practice your flashcards at least 3 times per week.  You may receive up to 3 extra credit points (one for each extra time you practice).  If you don't have flashcards at home, let me know and I will happy to provide you with some.


Math Homework: Please complete all of the math problems using the CUBES method.  Be sure to show all of your work.

*Extra Homework*: Occasionally, I will send home extra homework.  This homework will also be in the Resource Homework section of your child's STAR book and will be stamped HOMEWORK.  Usually this will be classwork that was not finished during classtime.  Please have your child finish it as soon as possible.

*Homework Rules*

1. Plan a daily homework time.

2. Take home everything you need.

3. Choose a quiet study place.

4. Read and follow all directions.

5. Do your work neatly and carefully.

6. Ask for help if you need it, but do the work yourself.

7. Put your completed homework in your STAR book to bring it back to school.

8. Return your homework on time by placing it in the homework basket.