Instructional Aides

Instructional Aides

Hand Plan (for reading comprehension passages)

Step 1 - Read the title and subtitle and put a box around them.  Look at any illustrations.

Step 2 - Read the first paragraph for the main idea.  Write the main idea (using a phrase or short sentence) out to the side of the paragraph.  Finish reading the rest of the passage.

Step 3 - Read the questions (but do not answer them yet!).  Underline any key words or phrases.

Step 4 - Read the passage again, this time with the questions in mind.

Step 5 - Read the questions again, answer the questions, and be sure to justify (underline or highlight where your found your answer in the passage).

CUBES Method (for solving math story problems)

Step 1 - Circle the numbers

Step 2 - Underline the code words*

Step 3 - Bracket the question

Step 4 - Ex-out extra information

Step 5 - Show your work

*Code Words:

Addition - join/joined, add, total, sum, in all, altogether, plus, both, spend/spent, together, combined, also, and (between 2 numbers), more (before the question)

Subtraction - take away, difference, subtract, minus, left, less, change, profit, off, "er" words, not (in the question), more (in the question)

Multiplication - product, times, twice, each (before the question), per (before the question), every (before the question), one (before the question), apiece (before the question)

Division - quotient, separate, equal, half, each (in the question), per (in the question), every (in the question), one (in the question)