Second Week 8/29/11-9/2/11

Greetings Parents and Students,

Week 2 has gone well so far. Students are coming to class without ink pens and they are disrupting class to borrow things from other students. I reminded students that they need to bring necessary supplies to class and if they are unable to obtain these items to see me so that we can resolve their situation. Please continue to encourage your students to be responsible and bring their supplies for each class. I greatly appreciate your support.

This week students are learning about safety in science and how to function in the lab safely.

Homework: Complete lab safety sheet with the picture of the lab nightmare on the back.

                   A day students this is due Thursday 9/1/11     B day students this is due Friday 9/2/11


As always, If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the school or through email.

Have a nice week!

Ms. Gamble