• Students will be expected to attend class on a daily basis and to arrive on time prepared for work. 
  • Students will be expected to bring paper, pen and a positive attitude. 
  • Each student must have a signed lab safety contract on file to participate in lab assignments. Lab assignments are a large part of the student’s grade.
  • Makeup work will be given during each 9 week period for missing assignments.
  • Extra credit will be given for attendance and participation.

    Rules & Consequences
  1. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
  2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to SPEAK or to LEAVE your seat.
  3. Come to class ON TIME and PREPARED.
  4. RESPECT yourself, others and school property (no bullying or teasing).
  5. The Classroom is for LEARNING! Cell phones and MP3 players are not to be out at any time or they will be given to an administrator . Food, drinks, & candy are for the cafeteria only.

Grading Scale

A       90-100%

B       80-89%

C       70-79%

D       60-69%

6th Grade Science Overview

(First 9 Weeks)

Unit 1: Thinking like a Scientist

                    Thinking like a scientist (Scientific Methods)

                        Developing Theories and Scientific Laws

Unit 2: Energy in the Atmosphere

                     Energy and Water in the Atmosphere (Water Cycle investigation)

                        Weather and Climate (Weather Systems)

                        Natural Disasters in Florida (Hurricanes, Flooding, etc.)

                        Project Week

(Second 9 Weeks)  


Unit 3: Earth’s Changing Surface

                        Erosion, Deposition, and Landforms

Unit 4:

                        Levels of Organization (Atoms-Organisms)

                        Cell Theory

                        Cell Structure and Function (Parts of the cell and how they work together)


(Third 9 Weeks)

Unit 5: The Human Body

                     Human Body Systems

                        Infectious Agents (Germs, Fungi, Viruses, Bacteria)


Unit 6 Forces and Motion

                        Project week


(Fourth 9 Weeks)

Unit 6 Forces and Motion

                    Balanced and Unbalanced Forces


                        Law of Gravity (Friction)

                        Energy Transformations

                        Project Week