Madden 20 Final Series 6 Players: New Competitive and MUT Master Player Details

Today sees the release of the first batch of NFL Free Agency content is dropping today, while MUT Series 6 starts on Friday, including new players, House Rules, and Store Offers. The contents of the second batch of Free Agency will also arrive next week, and a new House Rules event will be held on Friday. Now we will learn some other details of the upcoming promotion, this will be the final series of Madden 20.

Needless to say, this is good news for MUT players. However, we also know that there will be no MUT Series 7 this year, which is a bit disappointing.

For the new Competitive Master, it's Delanie Walker,  the tight end of the Tennessee Titans. Walker is one of the free agents, and he can now get 98 overall cards through a store offer using a 6 Series 6 Trophies.

His main attributes include 93 traffic, 91 Catch in Traffic, 89 Run Block, and 88 speeds. NAT Series 6 competition master Delanie Walker wins 1,050 Series 6 trophies in the Madden store. A better version will cost 2,000 series of 6 trophies.

Madden 20 Final Series 6 Players Delanie Walker

The Series 5 trophy will expire on Friday. Therefore, gamers should spend as much money as possible to own their property. Otherwise, they will convert. The conversion is to cut them in half. So 100 5 Series trophies become 50 Series 6 Trophies, and so forth.

Level and MUT Master player upgrades

Tory Holt is a level master that gamers gain by sharpening in the ultimate team. They also get special tokens to upgrade his attributes throughout the Madden season. Holt can use up to 99 OVR cards. This is the final level card in the ultimate team.

Madden 20 Final Series 6 Players Tory Holt

Pat Tillman is the MUT Master, and gamers can also earn money from it. Tillman can be upgraded by upgrading the level in Ultimate Team. At some levels, gamers can get special upgrade tokens for use with Tillman. Take a look at his card after upgrading to the final 99 overall levels.

For committed MUT players, the lack of Series 7 content is indeed a problem. With Series 6, it means there are no more series promotions, which means we are about to end of Madden 20 season. This means that we are getting closer and closer to the new Madden game. Also, see our Madden 21 wish list for the next name of the EA's franchise.

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