Madden 20 Flashbacks: Alshon Jeffery and Demario Davis

Madden 20 Flashbacks: Alshon Jeffery and Demario Davis


Today's Madden 20 Flashbacks are Alshon Jeffery and Demario Davis. While they each play for different teams this season, they receive high-rated new cards for previous squads. Alshon Jeffery's newest item may not be fast, but with 89 JMP, 93 SPC, and 91 CIT, he could make for a solid possession receiver. Demario Davis's average speed is ROLB, but with 88 PUR, 88 POW, and 93 CHINA scores, he can perform well on the defensive side. Check out today's Flashback cards and their full ratings below:

Madden 20 Flashbacks items are based on player’s helpful performances on the gridiron in games of the past. Previous members of the group included Ben Roethlisberger, Allen Robinson, Aqib Talib, and Kenny Stills.

Alshon Jeffery (90 WR)

Madden 20 Flashback Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery's performance in the 11th week of the 2014 season was well deserved. At that time, he helped his former team, the Bears, defeat their divisional opponents, the Minnesota Vikings, 21-13 in Soldier Field.

EA's Madden rewarded his past performance with 90 OVR flashback items. It has Power Up, Chemistry, and key attributes such as 93 Spectacular catches, 91 Catch in traffic and 89 Jumping.



  • 77 Vertical Threat
  • 92 Jump Ball
  • 93 Slot
  • 96 Possession
  • 98 Run Blocking
  • 75 RAC

Demario Davis (90 ROLB)

Madden 20 Flashback Demario Davis

Outside linebacker Demiro Davis is now playing for the New Orleans Saints. However, the first four years of his career were members of the New York Jets. He won the Madden 20 Flashbacks card during his Week 9 of 2013.

He now has a nice 90 OVR flashback card with power up. Davis's card includes 93 Play Recognition and 85s for both Tackle and Acceleration.



  • 85 3-4
  • 91 4-3
  • 82 Range
  • 75 Pass Rush
  • 91 Coverage
  • 75 Hands
  • 93 Run Stuff
  • 84 Physical

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Let us know what you think about the latest Flashbacks today, would you try to acquire Alshon Jeffery or Demario Davis? Get more of Madden 20 news, click here.